New album – Slipstream

This third album of Simon Marrable, aka simonm, is a significant shift from his previous work. Given what 2020 has been, and although not initially intended, the album presents an air of hope in the midst of uncertain times. It seeks to provide the listener with an honesty and realness, not seeking to dodge the hardships of life and yet casting an optimistic eye to the future.

The style and genre is a mix of folky soft rock ballads, such as, Icebergs and Slipstream to driving rock numbers such as Nothing Can and Love Like This. Then there is a wild card track aptly named Wild Child which has elements of a shuffle and blues.

I would like to acknowledge that this album has involved the significant investment of time of other talented professionals and this work has been very much a collaboration by them. In particular, my producer, Peter Stevenson of Turn Around Music who carried out the recording, composition and long hours of editing, Braddon Williams did the mixing and mastering, Roger Corbett contributed to the song writing of four tracks not to mention session musicians and singers who are also mentioned in the album credits below and finally my patient wife, Inés, who had to deal with all the initial creative back to the drawing board attempts of my song writing.

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Watch the video for ‘Slipstream’

Watch the video for ‘Summertime’