Simon Marrable – Diversion – MP3 Download


This five track EP is a collection of songs of a variety of genres. The overall production is intentionally raw, natural and organic sound and much less produced than Soul Train. Although not originally intended the theme became in the final production stages the idea that much of life is driven by the urgent rather than the important. The album artwork was to originally have the idea of moving from the city to freeway then to the wilderness as an image to be still and get away from the noise and recalibrate.

Ev’ryday is a song about redemption and is a tribute to the original modulated synth sounds developed by the Alan Parsons Project.

Fire was intended as a Latin American feel with a church organ but become a more acoustic guitar driven sound. Fire is an image of the Holy Spirit.

Born to Hunger uses a lot of digital delay in the guitars to create a more spacey sound. The issue it explores is the innate desire in all of us to be of significance and to make a difference.

Only If is a groovy guitar driven song that explores if we could more clearly see the Divine how that would impact on how we live.

Finally, the last song Dare We Believe is a classic acoustic folk song with some strings to add a bit of tone colour that explores hanging on to the good when much of life seems to be the opposite.

This product is an instant download of the album in high quality MP3 format and includes PDF of all artwork. 

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